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EBook of Master your Guitar In 7 Days!

    Many people think that learning guitar is a very difficult thing, wrong idea! This eBook will allow you to learn to play guitar, within 7 days. Why not try it? Only 7 days! TABLE OF CONTENTS Master the Guitar In 7 Days! Day1: Introduction Fundamentals of Your Guitar Tuning Hand & Finger Basics Posture…

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What is PonoPlayer?

     PonoPlayer is a word we have heard recently, what exactly is PonoPlayer? PonoMusic was a complete digital music ecosystem founded by Neil Young in 2011 to create a movement to revive the soul of music, and to recreate the vinyl experience in the digital realm. PonoMusic consists of two parts, PonoPlayer is one of…

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What is PonoMusic?

    Most recent period, Neil Young as “one of rock and roll’s greatest songwriters and performers” become a popular figure once again, PonoMusic he created already is now in operation. We take a look at how are talking about it. What exactly is PonoMusic?    PonoMusic is a complete digital music ecosystem: the PonoMusic…

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What is . APE file and How to open it?

APE is one of popular lossless compression format for digital music , which can reduce the amount of data recorded after refining the way, the same source file after restore the data, and there is a wide range of users in the world. APE has been suppressed by the Monkey’s audio software developer of Matthew T. Ashland, marked by a “monkey” and the software is open source, the other feature is: the compression ratio is about 55% higher than FLAC, the data volume is about half of the CD. And Then How to open it?

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