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How Breaking Bad’s Walter White gets really, really high?

At the time of the shooting, the photographer choose different angles, we will have different effects, including beautiful self-girl widely used on the network.    Recently, a toy version of Breaking Bad character Walter White has been sent into space. Attached to a weather balloon with a GoPro camera catching the action, little Walter White…

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What is . NEF file and How to open it?

.NEF is filename extension of the Nikon Electronic Format that features image information and metadata received from Nikon camera’s sensor, that recorded without any processing includes information about the lens, the settings, camera’s identification or other data. This .NEF file contains more information than JPEG or TIFF , So be called lossless image format in terms of color and image definition to store their pictures. NEF files can be produced by Nikon Scan software.

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What is . img file and How to open it?

The .img is a filename extension of a raw disk image file format, which used by disk image files, and contain raw dumps of a magnetic disk or of an optical disc. In the case of CD-ROMs and DVDs, these images usually include not only the data from each sector, but the control headers and error correction fields for each sector as well.

How to open the raw IMG file ? This several tools can be used:

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