EBook of Master your Guitar In 7 Days!

    Many people think that learning guitar is a very difficult thing, wrong idea! This eBook will allow you to learn to play guitar, within 7 days. Why not try it? Only 7 days!

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Master the Guitar In 7 Days!


  • Introduction
  • Fundamentals of Your Guitar
  • Tuning
  • Hand & Finger Basics
  • Posture

Day 2:

  • Open Chords
  • Major open chords
  • Minor open chords
  • Dominant 7th major chords
  • Major 7th open chords
  • Diminished chords
  • Augmented chords
  • Summary

Day 3:

  • Beginning Theory
  • Major scales
  • Minor scales
  • Harmonic minor scales
  • Melodic minor scales

Day 4:

  • Beginning Theory Cont.
  • Key signature glossary
  • Notation & other music symbols

Day 5: Tablature

Day 6 :

  • CAGED system for barre chords
  • E & A Forms
  • Power chords
  • Strumming Patterns

Day 7 :

  • Time to Play
  • Conclusion

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Download the eBook

This package of Master the Guitar In 7 Days has no sales template or sales letter, you must make them by yourself. Click to download the EBook of Master the Guitar In 7 Days! And grab your guitar and keep playing. Please do not be lazy. Believe in yourself, you can do that!

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