Information Technology eBook For Small And Home-Based Businesses

    Information technology changes on an almost daily basis. While the information in this book is based on the most up-todate information available, the reader is advised that due to the incredible speed of technological advance, some of this information is likely to be outdated by the time it is published. There will be some websites listed in the Appendix where information on the latest advances in I.T. is published regularly.

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Why I.T.?

There are those who say that in order to start a business, all you really need is a table, a chair and a telephone, along with some writing materials and a calculator. This may be true in the very beginning – depending on what sort of business it is and what it is you’re selling – but (hopefully!) your needs will expand along with the business.

For example, if your business involves doing research for second and third parties, local libraries, universities and colleges and state and county government offices are great places to access, and may be necessary.

However, as more and more information is posted online, you’ll find it possible to save a great deal in travel costs by accessing the information on the Web, or at least confirming that the information you’re seeking is there and the trip is justified. (You could call on the phone and ask, but anymore, chances are you’ll spend considerable amounts of time wading through menus and trying to get to the person with whom you need to speak.)

Basically, information technology for small and home-based businesses is about two things: (A) saving time and (B) providing secure access to data.


Table Of Contents – Information Technology For Small And Home-Based Businesses

Table Of Contents:

  • Disclosure                                                                 5
  • Introduction: Why I.T.?                                              6
  • Chapter 1 – I.T. – A Primer                                        8
  • A Short History of Information Technology               9
  • The Neolithic Period and the Bronze Age                9
  • The Hellenistic World                                               11
  • Early Programmable Devices                                  12
  • Communications and Information Storage              14
  • Information Technology Since 1980                        16
  • Information Technology Today                                17
  • Types of Information Tools and Media                    19
  • Personal Computer                                                 19
  • Storage Media                                                         21
  • Internet Options and Communication                      24
  • Chapter 2 – Getting Started                                    26
  • Assessing Your I.T. Needs                                      27
  • Desk and chair                                                       27
  • Bookcase/Shelves                                                 29
  • Table                                                                     29
  • Telephone (And Phone System)                           30
  • Computer and Monitor                                          32
  • Printer, Copier, FAX Machine                                34
  • Other I.T. Options                                                  35
  • All Those Bells And Whistles; Do You Really Need Them?         36
  • Getting It Cheap                                                    40
  • Chapter 3: Getting Set Up                                     43
  • Setting Up Your Workspace                                  43
  • Organizing the Worktop                                        44
  • Peripherals and Office Supplies                            45
  • About Wireless Technology                                   46
  • Getting Online                                                       48
  • Dial-Up                                                                  49
  • Satellite                                                                 49
  • DSL                                                                        50
  • T1 and T3                                                              51
  • A Word Of Caution                                                51
  • Networking: The Intranet                                       51
  • Sharing Printers and Programs                             58
  • About Sharing Programs                                       62
  • Protecting Yourself And Your Business                 66
  • E-mail Issues                                                         68
  • Computer Care And Maintenance                         71
  • Protecting The Hardware                                       72
  • Software Maintenance                                           74
  • Chapter 4 – Taking It On The Road                       83
  • Staying Connected                                                83
  • The Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)                    84
  • Accessing The Office Computer                            86
  • I.T. In The Great Outdoors                                     86
  • Notes                                                                      89
  • Appendix 1: Taking Advantage of Tax Savings      90
  • Appendix 2: An Short I.T. Glossary                        92
  • Appendix 3: Where To Keep Up With The Latest News                  103
  • Bibliography                                                          104


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